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PRAKRUTI RESORTS in its Ayurvedic Spa

“AYURVEDA” the ancient science of medicine is still relevant in modern life. AYURVEDA has been gaining wide acceptance across the world as a system of medicine which totally eradicates illness from its roots rather than being a preventive one.

PRAKRUTI RESORTS in its Ayurvedic Spa : Sparsh have 3 fully equipped rooms each for men and women offers the traditional Ayurvedic massages and Panchakarma treatments to alleviate varied physical ailments and stress and strain. The treatments and massages offered can be done in 2 to 6 days depending on the treatment availed. Massage or treatment is done by fully qualified, trained, skilled and experienced masseurs from Kottakal, Kerala using proven traditional holistic oils and lepams from known manufacturing centres in Kerala; the cradle of Ayurveda..

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