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About Us


Prakruti Beach Resorts is the culmination of a dream, the result of farsighted thinking on the part of Mr. Prabhakar Shetty and his associates. Hailing from Mangalore, Mr.Prabhakar Shetty landed in Mumbai in 1966 and worked in an Udipi restaurant. In 1978, he founded Vaishali Garden which today, after 37 years still stands as the finest example of warm hospitality and the best cuisine served in Chembur. He built his reputation as a hotelier and did not stop just there. His vision and foresightedness helped him continue and build his ´dream project´ Prakruti Resorts. Mr. Shetty´s achievements have been honoured with many acclodes; both national and international.

Since the inception of Prakruti Resorts, Mr. Prabhakar Shetty believed in eco-tourism. Prakruti Resorts, now a formidable name not just among beach resorts but in the entire hotel industry, started with humble beginnings in the form of 15 villas. The resort has now expanded to 121 rooms in the form of villas & apartment rooms. Mr. Prabhakar Shetty understands that the success of any project lies in the relation that an employer-employee share. He therefore treats his employees as equals, helps them learn and involves them in the decision making process.

Mr. Shetty´s intention to make Kashid the gateway to Konkan started a trend amongst other entrepreneurs. Such was the vision of the man that today, Kashid is indeed on the way to becoming a major tourist centre.

Prakruti Resorts till today believes in word-of-mouth publicity which has helped it gain the cult status that it enjoys today. Customer satisfaction is at the centre of everything done at Prakruti and we are delighted that our effort of resonating with our guests has created a strong brand loyalty. Prakruti Resorts is committed to maintaining this level of satisfaction and will continue to exceed guest expectation by friendly service and impeccable hospitality.


Today, when everyone everywhere is so worried about the ecological disparities, we, at PRAKRUTI RESORTS have been concerned and committed to the green issues right since the inception of Prakruti Resorts in the late eighties.

Hospitality being people centric, Prakruti Resorts has trained its employees to incorporate the organization´s green ethos. We take them through the concept during their induction period to get a holistic understanding of the green initiative.

We at PRAKRUTI RESORTS have taken the following measures:

  • We have planted over 2000 saplings in the eighties which have become huge trees and we are continuously planting 1000 trees every year wherever we have open spaces and in the land which we are buying for expansion of the Resort.
  • Kashid village where the Resort is situated is a drought stricken area. We have dug 3 huge dams to store water in the monsoons and conserve it. The water from the dams percolate down to the 3 open wells and eight bore wells and hence we are able to stretch the need for water till early April every year.
  • We have undertaken Rain harvesting in the Resort to reduce the dependence of water from outside sources as far as possible
  • Bio degradable and kitchen waste are immediately cleared and transported to the Resort's farm where we have large number of pits for animal excreta and troughs for vermin compost to convert it to organic manure.
  • We are planning to have the requisite solar panels installed for our heating and power needs to curtail dependence on electricity.
  • Shortly we plan to harness wind energy to meet our power needs which is growing as our expansion plans are on the increase.
  • To maintain the environment clean, green and pollution free, guests are requested, as far as possible, not to use plastic carry bags, bottles, jars and pet bottles. If the guests are carrying them they are requested not litter the Resort with plastic materials but to dispose them in the numerous waste bins provided inside the Resort.
  • PRAKRUTI RESORTS is encircled by the PHANSAD WILDLIFE SANCTUARY and has been declared as a SILENCE ZONE. Guests are to note that blowing of horn of their vehicles, use of crackers or fireworks no matter for what reason or occasion is strictly prohibited.
  • Milk for our daily use are being procured from the nearby villages so that guests get the purest form of milk

Since every guest is special, treating him with respect and elegance is of prime importance to us. We strive to provide a great experience to our guests and endeavour to surpass our customer´ expectations, every time they visit Prakruti Resorts. Prakruti Resorts is not just a resort; it is a place where loyalists visit repeatedly and get to have the most of the rejuvenating nature waiting to be explored. Our regular patrons vouch for our impeccable hospitality and admire Prakruti Resorts for its caring and personalized service that they receive in a warm and vibrant environment.

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